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Establishing meaningful connections in a virtual world

Join us to strengthen and build new relationships with your colleagues. Learn more about others and build friendships through common shared interests.


Benefits of Parallel

Explore what Parallel can do for you and your team.

Find Commonalities

Imagine being a big Bollywood fan, a soccer fan, or having hobbies like skiing, gaming, or baking.  

You would be able to get matched up with your co-workers based on common interests!

Even the new employees will fit into their teams faster when they have things they can instantly connect on.

Instant Connections

There is no need to wait weeks, months or years to find similarities and have meaningful conversations and connections.

Forming these bonds betters the culture of the work environment whether it be in person or remote.

Corporate Culture Benefits

Using Parallel we can improve the legacy corporate culture. Explore potential benefits below.

Employee Retention

Employees stay in environments longer when they feel genuine camaraderie with their coworkers and leaders.

Increased Productivity

Happy employees with a sense of place and purpose are enabled to do their best work. 

Information Sharing

Employees are curious and inquisitive in an environment they feel is a safe space. Friendship fosters environments in which employees are comfortable diving in head first.

Strategic Decision Making

Creating an environment where open and candid conversation is supported allows for more thoughtful decision making and deters group think.


I think we can all agree that life is too short to not have fun. So why not make work fun?

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